Week 4 Synthesis: Curating Through MCBS

I think both articles, “Curation before Creation” and “Not All Digital Assets are Created Equal,” have valid and important points that I agree with completely and have seen tested this month in every project. I think learning how to properly curate digital media assets is crucial for all storytellers. And it’s not all about quantity, as both articles pointed out, it’s about quality. While there is definitely a science behind creating engaging content, it’s also an art; and art is all about what you have, not how many.

Beginning this class, we were given access to the Symbaloo web mix with many incredible resources for all sorts of media creation aspects, from photographs to music. This was like a gold mine for me and helped my projects immensely. I was able to find photographs to match the stories we were assigned to tell this month, as well as the endless ideas and inspiration during the process of curating our own assets to Symbaloo. I feel that it helped me achieve a more refined look to my assignments and projects. 

I think all of the resources found and curated this month are definitely worth keeping and will prove highly valuable as I progress in the MCBS degree program and beyond. I think both articles are spot on with their advice to be careful what we choose to save because having millions of blah assets on file is more of a headache than an inspiration. Many may never see the light of day and it can be a time hog. This class helped me learn to analyze assets before saving or curating to ensure it’s something worth keeping, not just a dust collector. And by learning to research and save valuable assets, I think my productivity will rise while the quality of my creations rise as well, ensuring I am able to produce content that truly reaches the audience rather than becoming lost in the static.

I think both articles brought this point home extremely well. The idea that value is not measured by an amount, but more by substance, resonates with me and will help me always remember to analyze before saving and curate before creating. I think this will help me keep learning to create engaging content that people will want to share and discuss, even throughout my professional career.

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